Ganpatipule (Konkan coast, Maharashtra)

None of us could sleep the previous day before we started our journey to Ratnagiri ! Yes we were excited about this trip altogether but we didn’t really expect much from this place…

Journey was a joy ride,weather was extremely pleasant and the greenery surrounding the Konkan railway was mesmerizing. Glimpses of small waterfalls , intermittent rains and frequent tunnels through mountains added to the excitement.

We chose to stay at Ganpatipule which is approximately 1hr by road from Ratnagiri, soon after checking in and freshening up we headed for the Ganpatipule beach which was walk able from our hotel. First glimpse of blue clean fresh sea and you fall in love with it , one step in water and you can feel all the tiredness, stress going away.


Ganpatipule temple is the main attraction here,it is right on the beach.The idol is said to have emerged from the soil.

Must have refreshing coconut water at the beach, refreshes you instantly. In the evenings, the temperature drops(it rained when we went in October) which adds to the pleasant weather.

Ganpatipule offers great variety of seafood and is a treat for non-vegetarians, vegetarians(like me) don’t have much choice.

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