Alluring Andaman

Four months of planning for this dream trip , many obstacles in between but finally we were set to fly to Port Blair from Mumbai. Port Blair can be reached by air only through Kolkata or Chennai , no direct flights.

As the flight is ready to land ,we get a glimpse of what awaits us on the island. Its like many small green lands are floating on the huge sea.

We planned to explore one island per day on this trip ,so Port Blair being the first, we set out to visit the Cellular jail. As much as the view surrounding the jail is blissful to watch , the history of the prisoners there is equally brutal. The enthralling light and sound show in the evening should not be missed. It left us teary eyed by the end, the merciless treatment on our freedom fighters and all events that took place in the jail before independence were recreated beautifully.

IMG_20151209_163513Early morning next day we set out to Havelock Island by ship, it took us 2 hours to reach there. The Radhanagar beach, Asia’s top listed beach is the prime attraction here. As soon as you take the first glance at the beach you go speechless, all you want to do is to get into the blue green waters and surrender yourself to the sea. Impeccably clean and unspoiled beach with all required facilities, this island cannot go unvisited if you happen to be in Andaman. Elephanta beach and Neil island are near to Havelock , which could be covered in a span of 2 days. You also have scuba diving activity here.


Our next destination was Ross island which is damaged by Tsunami waves. Here you find its story of braving the tsunami in its broken architecture. You get to walk along with the peacocks and deers here, which is a striking experience.This is a very small island, nobody is allowed to stay in this place(they literally have access cards to check everybody out of the island).


From Ross island we headed to North bay (coral) island, all activities here are under water. This island is rich in corals you can do snorkelling, scuba diving,sea walking or glass bottom boat ride to see the corals. We opted for sea walking (which happens only on this island in India) and took a ride in the glass bottom boat ride.


IMG_20151213_181520Sea walking was once is a lifetime experience to be able to walk under water amidst the fishes. We got to see the rich corals and all the colorful fishes surrounded us. We fed them and had our photos clicked under water.We thank Sea Link Adventures for sea walking.

IMG_20151211_123020We planned to visit the Baratang island next day which is around 100 km from Port Blair. We covered some distance by Car and remaining had to be covered by boat. On reaching this island we were transferred to speed boat to visit the mangroves and limestone caves. The ride to the caves itself is very spectacular, you need to walk a kilometre to reach the caves. The entrance to the caves is quite narrow. But once you enter it you are mesmerized by the formations inside. These are natural formation due to water droplets over the years.They glitter as torch light falls on them . All of it seems so magical and you realize the beauty nature has to offer in all forms.

During our stay here at Andamans, it was very welcoming to see such warm and helpful locals. They follow strict cleanliness rules at everyplace. You will not see anybody littering around or any one trying to con you which is rare at tourist spots.

This place is truly an unexplored paradise and must visit for its untouched nature in its purest form.

10 thoughts on “Alluring Andaman

  1. On reading your experience… this place is added in my list to visit for sure soon… such a wonderful experience i would love to cherish every bit as you mentioned.

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  2. hey yaa.. thats really awesome one… ❤ I envy u… keep going… nd this is gonna inspire me.. coz i luv to travel too… 😀 Well now I already have my eyes over this destination…. its beauty… I want to be there someday 🙂


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